Here’s your game changer: DuoCode 1.0 bridges the gap between C# and TypeScript!

This just in: DuoCode 1.0 has been released! And now, with 100% more TypeScript support!

C# <3 TypeScript! Ever wanted to use .NET types or methods, like StringBuilder or String.Format in your TypeScript code? With DuoCode, now you can! We are happy to unveil our newest addition to DuoCode - TypeScript definition (.d.ts) generation for C# types, allowing you to create hybrid C#/TypeScript applications in a single project! Let’s get started! Create a new TypeScript Application project from a DuoCode template: This will create a DuoCode-enabled TypeScript application with a twist: alongside the application code (app.ts file) you will find a pure C# class, RomanUtils.cs, containing utility methods to convert a number into its Roman representation: When you run the sample, you’ll see it in action in a browser window: How does it work? When you compile the project, our DuoCode compiler does what it does best - translates the C# code into JavaScript, but now it also emits a matching .d.ts definition for the generated code: ///

declare module TypeScriptHtmlApp {
// TypeScriptHtmlApp.RomanUtils
export interface RomanUtilsTypeFunc extends TypeFunction {
ConvertNumberToRoman(number: int): string;
ConvertRomanToNumber(text: string): int;
var RomanUtils: RomanUtilsTypeFunc;
This is the definition generated from the C# code in RomanUtils.cs, and placed next to it in the file TypeScriptHtmlApp.d.ts. Adding the reference to this definition to the main app.ts file allows using it straight away, enjoying full code-completion, syntax highlighting and live error checking support, provided by Visual Studio!

This means you can now write C# in your TypeScript project, recompile it, and immediately use it from TypeScript! In addition, you will enjoy all the goodness already provided by DuoCode, such as debugging the original C# code (via generated source-maps), Base Class Library (BCL) support via mscorlib, and more.

You can control the generation output (ECMAScript 3/5/6, similar to TypeScript) in the project’s Properties dialog, under the DuoCode tab.

Known issues
There are a few issues that currently exist. We plan to address them in the next version release:

After creating a project, please rebuild the project once, and reopen the file app.ts to eliminate any editor warnings that might appear.

Generated TypeScript definitions currently support public C# types only.

Some ReSharper warnings may appear, please ignore those for now (the code compiles fine).

Requires TypeScript 1.4 – Visual Studio 2013 users can install an updated version from the Extension Gallery.

DuoCode Release and Trial information
With this version we’re getting ready for an official release very soon. We’ve bumped the version number to 1.0, and when you install the new Visual Studio Extension or an updated NuGet package, DuoCode will begin a 30-day trial. After the trial period is over, you will have to purchase a license to continue using DuoCode.

License and pricing information will be posted within a few days!

Happy coding!
-The DuoCode Team