DuoCode for Visual Studio

for Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017


Download and install the DuoCode for Visual Studio extension from the Visual Studio Gallery. You can also download it directly from Visual Studio, from the Extensions and Updates menu under Tools.

May 01, 2017
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Direct Download

Download the DuoCode extension for Visual Studio by pressing the Download button below. This will download a Visual Studio Extension (vsix) file. Double-click the file to install it in Visual Studio.

Download DuoCode

Free 30-day trial

A free trial is available. Download and install DuoCode and your 30-day trial will begin automatically.
When the trial period is over, you can purchase a license to continue working. If you're working on an open-source project you can apply for a free license!

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Getting Started

After installing the DuoCode extension, go to File - New Project, and under the Visual C# node you will see a brand new DuoCode category.

After creating a new project from template, you can press F5 to start debugging your application.

The DuoCode compiler is distributed as a NuGet package, and is added to the project automatically when creating a project from the template.

Alternatively, you can add the DuoCode compiler to an existing project by running Install-Package DuoCode -pre from the NuGet Package Manager Console.

Note: There are several limitations to using this approach, they are mentioned below in the Under the hood section.

Under the hood

When compiling the project, the DuoCode compiler (called dcc.exe) is executed by an MSBuild task. This is done by referencing DuoCode.targets from the .csproj file. The reference is added automatically when creating a project from a DuoCode template, or by installing the DuoCode Compiler directly via NuGet.

DuoCode performs several steps:

  • Skips unsupported references: all references which cannot be compiled by DuoCode are automatically removed from the project during compilation.
  • Provides own mscorlib: the core DuoCode functions and libraries are located in the file mscorlib.js, which is placed next to the converted assembly.
  • Compiles the assembly into JavaScript: the resulting code <assemblyName>.js and optionally <assemblyName>.d.ts are stored in the output directory of the project.
  • Generates source-maps: DuoCode generates a <assemblyName>.js.map alongside the generated JavaScript to enable debugging the original C# code right from the browser.

    Visual Studio 2013 with Update 4, Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 support debugging using source-maps with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge directly from the IDE.

Because DuoCode removes unsuppored references, it's generally recommended starting with one of the DuoCode project templates, rather than adding the DuoCode NuGet package to an existing project.

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